About the Project

The Classic Tractor Project is the brain child of Foto Guys founder Tim Walters to document and share the world of classic tractors and farm machinery from around the UK, Ireland and Beyond.

Walters, (aged 41 at the time of publication) is from an engineering background having worked as a mechanic in his younger years and still has a keen interest in mechanics and agriculture, adding photography as a hobby in more recent times.

Searching for the next project in the development of his photography career combined with a new interest to explore the country (and beyond) in Bessie; a self converted VW transporter van, the new project has been formed to combine all of these interests together.

January 2020: The Classic Tractor Project is born.

How does it work?

  1. Machinery owners get in touch to advise that they are interested in helping out, giving a few details of what they own and where they are in the country.
  2. We add this information to a map for planning purposes. The map will be displayed online.
  3. Routes and dates issued considering the following points: The level of interest in any given area, the number of machines available to shoot, wether we will be passing. The dates could be anything from next week, to next year so please do let us know if you would like to be involved.
  4. On the day, Tim turns up to do the shoot. This could be photos only, photos and video, machine only, or even include a small shoot with machine owner and family and possibly an interview to discuss and share your own project. All of these details should be discussed when you contact us.
  5. All images will be available for the machine to download via our website – free of charge. All images can be used by the owner for any purpose.
  6. All images will be available to buy in many different formats from our website – this is a charge for the production of the products by third party suppliers, photos supplied FOC to machine owners.
  7. All images, expect from imaged containing people will be available for anyone to buy via the website via digital download or in any printed format.

If it’s free, how is it funded and what in it for me?

Good question! Myself and my partner have been talking about getting around the country for a log time, CV19 and the imminent arrival of our first child has also spurred us to get up and do this, and how better than to have requests to go to areas that we might normally overlook. We will use the locations, your locations to be the foundation of our travel plans and hopefully see more of this country than we ever imagined.

As for funding, that is all done by Tim, with some sponsorship from The Foto Guys Limited, and we of course welcome any enquires regarding other sponsors. Any sales of images are a bonus, and this money will be used as funding for fuel and any other expenses, but is not expected nor essential.

Fundamentally, this is an art project and the results will be posted online and shared on social media for all to see, so supporting the project simply by liking and following our social media channels, getting involved, providing feedback and providing the subject matter to make it a success is more than enough.